- Promotes osteoblast activity and bone tropism
- Stimulates the initiation of osteogenesis and the consolidation of fractures
- Stimulates bone callus formation by accelerating recovery

The ORTHOPEDICS treatment is indicated in cases where it is necessary to promote bone regeneration, such as fractures and delayed consolidation, pseudoarthritis, osteonecrosis and prosthetic osseointegration. 
The fracture consists of the rupture of a bone and can be simple if it occurs without loss of alignment of the fragments or compounded if the two parts of the broken bone are not aligned with respect to the axis of the damaged bone. The bone repairs naturally but, in some cases, the formation of the bone callus may be delayed, in this case we speak of delays in consolidation. 
Pseudoarthritis occurs when there is a failure to consolidate a fracture 6 months after the traumatic event.
Osteonecrosis is a disease that often has multifactorial etiopathogenesis and is generally caused by an impairment of blood supply that causes pain and functional limitation. 
The waves of this treatment are designed to facilitate bone regeneration.

Clinical Experience

"The use of Magnetoenergy on a fracture of the finger of a volleyball top-level athlete has allowed a recovery in a few weeks and without losing matches and workouts"
Checcarelli and others in “When the Injury’s Healing Process Meets the Needs of a Top-Level Volleyball Player. A Nonconventional Treatment of a Mallet Fracture Reinjury” - American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

"The use of electromagnetic fields produces good results in the treatment of bone diseases such as osteonecrosis"
Albanese and others in “Influenza dei campi elettromagnetici ELF e Tammef sulla proliferazione di osteoblasti umani normali “in vitro” - European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

"In patients with hip replacement, magnetic therapy reduces pain and limitation of autonomy more quickly”
Zati e Valent - Terapia fisica - Nuove tecnologie in medicina riabilitativa


Ortho-analgesic treatment amplifies the analgesic effect

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