- Causes release of endorphins
- Acts on the modulation of electrical membrane potentials 
- Promotes muscle relaxation

The ANALGESIC treatment is designed to act on pain through different mechanisms including the action on the modulation of electrical membrane potentials of nerve cells with consequent reduction of the algic stimulus. The analgesic effect of magnetotherapy, especially in the higher frequencies, is in fact proven by a large number of cases that confirm that magnetic therapy is particularly suitable for relieving different types of pain including that related to joint diseases and sciatica and lumbosciatica. It is also effective in traumatic, post-operative and chronic pain. 
As for the joint pains, they are common manifestations of different pathologies that affect the joints of our body and that cause functional limitation negatively affecting the normal activities of daily life and/or sports.
Sciatica is characterized by intense pain in the leg caused by inflammation and compression of the sciatic nerve.
In the case of lumbosciatica the symptoms are also felt in the lumbar area

Clinical Experience

"At high frequencies, magnetotherapy has marked analgesic effects"
Zati and Valent - Terapia fisica - Nuove tecnologie in medicina riabilitativa

“The use of magnetotherapy is indicated to reduce chronic pain"
Thomas and others in “A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial using a low-frequency magnetic field in the treatment of musculoskeletal chronic pain” - Pain research and management

"In vivo studies show that electromagnetic fields relieve pain"
Kalaivani and others in “Low frequency pulsed electromagnetic field – A viable alternative therapy for arthritis” - Indian Journal of Experimental Biology

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