- Stimulates cellular metabolism
- Helps to absorb oedemas between tissues
- Promotes the activation of chondrocytes (specialized cartilage cells)
- Helps improve joint function

The TRAUMATOLOGY treatment is specifically indicated for post-traumatic diseases involving soft tissues and joints, among the latter, particularly exposed to trauma are the ankle and knee with possible injuries of the cartilage, specialized tissue that covers the heads of joints. 
In the presence of cartilage problems, whether chondral damage is caused by single traumatic events or prolonged overloads, joints lose normal biomechanics with consequent functional limitation and pain; in some cases cartilage damage can also lead to joint blockage. 
The waveforms of this treatment are designed to stimulate the repair of injured tissues and promote the reduction of associated inflammation and pain. 

Clinical Experience

"Traumatology responds excellently to treatment, from small distorting trauma to severe fracture, with resounding healing times"
Mustacchi - Magnetoterapia apparecchi, tecniche di applicazione, risultati clinici - Campi magnetici in terapia

"Both human and animal studies have shown important effects in controlling the progression of knee osteoarthritis”
Fini and others in “Effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on articular hyaline cartilage: review of experimental and clinical studies” - Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy

"Stimulation with electromagnetic fields leads to complete recovery of the patient in a significantly shorter time"
Cadossi and Setti in “Low-frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields in orthopedic practice: bone and cartilage repair”

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